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We have finite natural resources and Constant Canopy bridges gaps to maximize these resources. Constant Canopy brings together innovation from agriculture, energy, and technology to create products to feed, power, and sustain our finite natural resources for generations to come.

Crop Systems

Solution- Sustainable agriculture. Modern production farming is broken, we need to look to the past to get to the future. Things like soil health, clean water, health ecosystems of plants and bugs, and properly managed livestock matter.

Since Jason’s father passed away of cancer and Jason joined the family farm, Mauck’s mission is to rebuild the agriculture industry “literally from the ground up” by proving that extraordinary things can happen when you “work with mother nature instead of dismantling it.” After scouring the country, Successful Farming named Mauck to its “10 Up & Comers in Agriculture” list in 2017 for his eagerness to research, innovate, collaborate and experiment with methods to keep his soil busy growing and interplanting crops.

Renewable Natural Gas

Constant Canopy brings together livestock farms to turn an environmental liability into, clean, green, renewable energy to be used to heat homes, create electricity, or as fuel for cars and trucks.

Nationwide, “manure management”—field spreading for fertilizer, storage in ponds, among others—is a major source of methane emissions: 61.2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e), or 8.6% total U.S. annual anthropogenic methane emissions. Since methane is a potent greenhouse gas with 28–36 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide (over a 100-year period), the avoidance of these emissions has become a major focus of the environmental conservation movement.


Gasification addresses waste disposal of manure and turns waste into products that can be used for many different factors. When Constant Canopy gasifies manure, all the biological factors that can cause damage through liquid application of manure are removed from the equation.
Biochar is the carbon-rich product obtained when biomass is heated in a closed container, in either an oxygen-starved or oxygen-free environment. Gasification produces a material that contains the mineral ash from the feedstock as well as the fixed carbon – which will be in the form of a carbon char.
The carbon in this char is transformed into a very absorbent material that has charged particles which attract nutrients and moisture. There are also many benefits that biochar provides for the atmosphere and the environment,


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