About Us

Jason Mauck


Jason is obsessed with narrowing the gaps of agriculture. An apostle of relay cropping, Mauck, is blazing a new path using cash and cover crops in unison. One middle at a time, the maverick grower is uncovering clues and running wide open toward greater farming efficiency. Jason works 3,000 acres of corn, soybeans and wheat, in addition to 25,000 hogs per year. His company, Constant Canopy, is developing cutting edge farming methods and currently holds the Indiana state record for the highest yield per acre for soybeans and has developed scaelable systems for corn yields that surpass most high-test plots.

Jonathan Lamb


Jonathan has undergraduate degrees in Economics, Risk Management and Insurance, and is a PhD in Economics dropout that has gone on to become an Entrepreneur and earn his MBA at North Carolina State University.  Prior to starting seven small businesses and growing to over 60 employees and $4 million in annual revenue, Lamb spent 10 years in the power business, including 8 years on a trading floor as a spot electricity trader, managing a book of business with over $3 billion in electric generation assets.