4.5 lb. Soil Energizer




Contains not only the nutrients and minerals required for healthy soil, but also a high microbial content* to increase biological activity.  This is the best way to give your plants an advantage from the start.

4.5 lbs. contains 250 applications.

*Microbes: Soil Energizer contains spores of endomycorrhizal fungi (Glomus spp); beneficial bacteria (100 million CFU/gram each of Bacillus subtilisB. licheniformisB. amyloliquefaciensB. pasteuriiB. pumilusPaenibacillus polymyxa; 50 million CFU/gram each of Azosporilium amazonense & A. lipoferum); and other beneficial fungi (25 million CFU/gram each of Trichoderma harzianum & T. resii).


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